KINETICS is the branch of science that studies the laws that govern the movement of bodies and the forces that originate it.

Over the last 10 years we have worked to design, develop parts and manufacture shock absorbers for military applications and for armored vehicles creating our own kinetic energy control systems.

Based on our LINCE and PUMA lines of military shock absorbers, we adapt and improve any type of suspension from

armored vehicles for civil and police protection as well as vehicles for military applications from buggy-based to medium-weight trucks through LRPV's.

We are really manufacturer, we do not import any shocks or components from Asia. All our shock absorbers are manufactured in Spain with top-level components manufactured in Europe from 5 different countries.



LRPV, S, Truck, modified vehicles. If you require shock absorbers adapted to the new characteristics of your vehicle for the most demanding conditions, we have all the means of development and manufacturing for both prototypes and medium series.



ZINETICA SISTEMA was born to offer the market for adaptation and manufacture of military vehicles a top quality product manufactured in Spain and a concept that combines medium-scale series production with the most precise machinery in the industry and the flexibility and response that only crafts can contribute. We work to a tolerance of 1 micron thanks to our Swiss Schaublin machinery, a world reference in precision turning and milling machinery and used in the manufacture of watch components.

We are one of the few companies in the world that manufacture custom-made twin-tube shock absorbers. Material that has been installed with complete satisfaction in armored units both in Spain and Australia and various countries in the Middle East.


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