The ZS45 SMOOTH shock is based on our CBX46 LINCE for military use that has been mounted on various models of special operations vehicles with complete success. The aim of the design is a monotube shock absorber for off road use with top quality competition components and at a low cost price. They are manufactured in Spain completely by hand.

All the components of the shock are of the first level of 100% European manufacture. Being such competition components, the ZS45RS Smooth shock absorbers are designed for off road use, leaving aside solutions such as uniball ball joints that are very expensive to repair and frequently. Instead, 100% pure polyurethane bushings free of polypropylenes and in specific hardness for each application are served.

The ZS45 SMOOTH shock absorbers combine resistance to the most demanding conditions and unprecedented comfort thanks to their triple internal bypass. Consult with our clients.

Technical specifications:

◦ ALUMINUM bottle of 50 mm lapping.


◦ 20 mm KH7 stem.

◦ 45 mm competition piston with PTFE band.

◦Triple Internal Bypass.

◦ Vacuum filling system that guarantees the absence of air inside.

◦ Exclusive competition oil ZS.

◦ Competition guide.

◦Floating piston made of avional, with conical tip, PTFE band and double guide.

◦Nitrogen charge with valve without risk of leakage.

◦ Separate 50mm bottle in lapped aluminum

◦ Ultra flexible high pressure hoses

◦Completely repairable and modifiable.

◦ 2-year warranty.

◦ Steel anchors ST52 or F114 depending on the model.

◦Fixing of the anchors by aeronautical thread.

◦ Pure polyurethane bushings with specific hardness according to application.