The following warranty conditions are exclusive for CBX38, CBX45, ZS45, ZS45RS and ZS45 Factory shock absorbers, exempting shock absorbers for military applications and armored vehicles.  Warranty extension: ZS shock absorbers are guaranteed against any manufacturing and other assembly defects for a period of 24 months, extendable to 24 with each revision carried out in our facilities.  Warranty exclusion: shock absorbers intended for competition and events / tests of orientation, resistance or regularity, as well as those that are installed in prototype vehicles, those not installed in an authorized workshop (see list), those in which Sea elevation greater than 60 mm.  The guarantees will be processed by sending the shock absorbers free of charge and in clean conditions that will do the mechanical work at our facilities, with ZS SUSPENSION (CIBEX 4X4 S.L.) being the only authorized technical service with the power to determine the guarantees.  Those shock absorbers that have suffered both compression and extension stops are not covered by warranty, with the preparation / erector workshop being in charge of installing or regulating the appropriate systems that limit extension and compression. In cases where there is or has been a failure in any part or assembly, the shock absorber must be sent immediately, ZS SUSPENSION not taking charge of damages suffered in / by the shock absorber caused by not having sent it immediately and thus make the shock absorber works improperly. Those products that are not properly installed, those with lack of maintenance, damage caused by collisions, modifications, those products that have been abused and erroneous requests for measurements or references are also out of warranty.  ZS SUSPENSION reserves the right to modify or change any of its products as well as features without prior notice.  They are exempt from warranty: anodized and zinc-plated due to being subjected to environmental conditions beyond our control.  Once the shock absorbers are received, they will be examined to see if the warranty is applicable. If it is not appropriate, the client must pay for the necessary work and tests carried out.